Posted on 09/01/2020 · Posted in News


The “Regional Innovation Center Northwest” at the Automotive Cluster Bulgaria was officially established in Sofia on 8 January 2020. The Regional Innovation Center is an association for supporting, encouraging, representing and protecting the regional capacity for introducing and developing innovations by enhancing cooperation between business and research organizations, universities and other scientific and educational institutes.

The creation of the “Regional Innovation Center Northwest” at Automotive Cluster Bulgaria is another step towards improving the business-science partnership for the benefit of the regional economy. The center of the innovation center will be in the city of Vratsa.

Ever since its foundation, the association has set itself the goal of building and developing modern research and innovation infrastructure. This will help accelerate the economic and social development of the area. The Innovation Center will manage projects involving the implementation of industrial research and experimental development to promote innovation. Last but not least, the Association aims to create talents for the future innovative and competitive development of Northwestern Bulgaria.

As part of the Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, the “Regional Innovation Center Northwest” will develop the business-science partnership for the benefit of the regional economy.

The founders of the Regional Innovation Center Northwest are 11 organizations, including Automotive Cluster Bulgaria, Vratsa Municipality, Vratsa Regional Administration, Vratsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vidin Regional Administration, “Angel Kanchev” University of Ruse, Vidin Branch and companies from the region . The Innovation Center initiative is expected to be further supported by a large number of organizations.