Posted on 14/06/2019 · Posted in News


Are you passionate about robotics? Do you have a robotics project in mind? Are you an expert in the sector interested in spreading your knowledge all around the world? If any of these questions describe you, we have an opportunity for you!

Sofia Tech Park is working on the DIH project with some of the most renowned experts in robotics to create online courses and develop a model that represents the needs of European mid-caps and SMEs in their implementation of robotic technologies. In order to achieve this, we need your answers.

The questionaire takes around 20 mins, and the final day to do it is June 20, 2019.

Fill out this questionnaire and get 10 FREE ROBOTICS COURSESFULL REPORTCONNECTIONS in up to 170 Digital Innovation Hubs. The rise of robotics is changing the world. Take part in the transformation, we will support you with 10 top quality courses.

Fill out the questionaire here!