Posted on 12/08/2020 · Posted in News


The second virtual study visit organized by the Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA) took place on 30 of July with the aim of sharing best practices among clusters and identifying opportunities for collaboration. The second virtual study visit organized in the framework of the EACN project. In this occasion, the Galician Automotive Cluster was the consortium partner selected to exchange success stories about how supporting automotive companies in their digital transformation process. CEAGA showed two activities which are key in the 4.0 strategy of this cluster:

  • One is the promotion of 4.0 entrepreneurship through the Business Factory Auto (BFA), a business accelerator which has been fully recognized as reference model both at regional, national, and international level. In its 4 editions, this initiative has enabled the creation of 44 new companies, with 33 million euros of turnover and 250 industry 4.0 qualified jobs. The BFA has recently launched its 5th edition and the process to receive proposals (not only from Galician companies, but also from national and international ones) is opened here until the 2nd of October.
  • The other one is the development of skills for the factory of the future. The CEAGA Corporate University explained the effort made by the cluster in this area through specific 4.0 training programmes, the involvement in research and collaboration projects or the creation of the Galician Digital Innovation Hub (DIHGIGAL).

The activities presented were of high interest for the consortium partners as well as for other clusters belonging to the EACN partnership, which were also invited to this event.

After these presentations, the participants could make proposals about how to collaborate in the future in order to pave the way for the signature of an inter-cluster cooperation agreement.