Posted on 21/02/2020 · Posted in News


The second Matchmaking event focused on “Elasticity of production processes”, was held from 4 to 6 February 2020 in Mulhouse, France. The event was organized by PVF (Pôle Véhicule du Futur), with the participation of more than 15 representatives coming both from the consortium partners (ACB, AC Serbia, CEAGA, CIAC, PVF and SA&AM), and regional companies interested in the topic. The main objective was to identify synergies among the project concepts previously presented by SMEs, in order to promote the development of potential joint collaborative projects. The matchmaking event was complemented with visits to companies which implemented successful solutions in the area of elasticity. A good example of that was Flex N Gate, specialized in the manufacture of front and rear bumpers as well as other plastic components.

During this 3-days B2B meeting, the participating companies exchanged information in a very open manner, shared needs and experience, identified actions of common interest which could be the base for the development of joint collaborative projects. As a result of that, three potential collaboration opportunities have been identified. The Bulgarian RAIS (Pazardzhik) also participated, presenting its own elasticity solution for the production processes, aiming at improvement of business workflow.

At the beginning of March, another Matchmaking Event and Demolab will be organized in Serbia, this time focused on process virtualisation.