DonauMotor – Automotive Industry as Engine of Innovation in the Danube Region. Supercluster for improving the competitiveness and expanding the manufacturing industry


  • Main goal is to initiate an Automotive Supercluster “DonauMotor” improving the competitiveness and expanding the manufacturing industry within the Danube Region
  • Increasing R&D investment of enterprises up to 3% of GDP within the countries especially on the lower stream
  • Enabling the Danube Region to become the European technology axis of Best Practice


  • Improvement of the overall economic situation in the Region through higher demand of people, machines and material
  • Development of new small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
  • Increasing the potential of innovations and economic performance
  • Contribution to increase the European stability

First International Automotive Conference in Bulgaria

From 8 till 10 October, 2013 Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB) organized the First International Automotive Conference in Sofia with the participation of 250 to 300 international representatives from the automotive sector. The Conference had 3 pillars:

  • 1. Top Managers of OEMs and Tier 1 reported on production strategies in Western and Eastern Europe and highlighted why it is important also for Tier 2 and Tier 3 to be present in one of the Eastern European countries.
  • 2. Members of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria reported on their experiences in developing and manufacturing parts or in setting-up sales facilities and service features in Bulgaria. Many of the ACB members have facilities in several Eastern European locations and pointed out the advantages of Bulgaria in comparison to other countries.
  • 3. The Future of the Automotive Industry in Bulgaria
    • a) Auto Park Bulgaria:
      • A project sponsored and realized by private investors, the Government of Bulgaria; funding opportunity within EU Strategy for the Danube Region
      • An outline of Gefco’s experience with regard to the realization of Auto Park Kaluga in Russia
    • b) Why Automotives invest in Bulgaria
    • c) Electromobility

Parallel with the conference Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB) organized an exhibition to show the products developed and produced by the automotive industry in Bulgaria. Bulgarian universities showed innovative research projects.

If you would like to learn more about the conference, please visit the IACB website


A project of the Technical University in Sofia and Leschke Design under the patronage of Automotive Cluster Bulgaria in close cooperation with S Media Team, which is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, Brabus and Balkan Star. The aim of the project is development of a moving prototype, enabling the production of a wide range of electric vehicles. The platform will integrate all necessary technical components like batteries, electric motors or in-wheel motors, navigation equipment, etc. The idea is a creation of an automobile based on an “e-taxi” module principle as well as additional modifications that would be suitable for cities.

Auto Park Bulgaria

A project sponsored and realized by private investors and automotive companies, the government of Bulgaria and the government of Baden-Württemberg; funding opportunity within EU Strategy for the Danube Region. The objective of the project is realization of the ACB vision, and namely: set-up of automotive industry in Bulgaria.

Government and administration

  • data base “responsibilities / contact persons”
  • economic system (e.g. tax, VAT refund, incentives, infrastructure, energy, public transport)
  • approval processes, buying process of land / real estates from the state / town
  • other

Automotive Test Center

  • set-up of a training center for professional drivers
  • development of a test center for automotive suppliers (in close cooperation with Sofia Tech Park)
  • race track
  • event center
  • other

Concept and realization of education centers for middle managers

Phase 1: Definition of a concept together with an international provider of training centers, the government, companies who have developed training facilities in Bulgaria (e.g. Lufthansa Technik, Liebherr, Festo, Siemens) and associations (in close cooperation with the German Chamber in Sofia)

Best practice human resources

Process of recruitment, training concepts, transportation of employees (bus shuttle), hands-on training for national / international students, shift systems, payment models

Best practice quality management

Structure / organization, 0-ppm strategy, training, visualization, auditing

Best practice logistics

External transport, release order systems, internal transport / e.g. Kanban, structure / organization

Sofia Tech Park

The ACB presented a proposal to Sofia Tech Park for building of testing and prototyping facilities for the automotive industry (e.g. Crash Test Center, CNC milling machine for prototypes etc.)

Evaluation of subsidy programs

Focus: ACB members