The Automotive Cluster Bulgaria (ACB), founded in July 2012, is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and organizations providing services for the automotive industry. It fosters synergies between the cluster members and supports their business growth and competitiveness through participation in international joint projects, case studies and professional automotive qualification programs.



Das zweite EACN Matchmaking Event fand in Mulhouse statt


The second Matchmaking event focused on “Elasticity of production processes”, was held from 4 to 6 February 2020 in Mulhouse, France. The event was organized by PVF (Pôle Véhicule du.. Read more

Der Automotive Cluster Bulgaria verlieh die ersten Auszeichnungen an die bulgarische Automobilindustrie


The Automotive Cluster Bulgaria Annual Gala was held on January 14 in Sofia Tech Park, Innovation Forum “John Atanasoff”. For the first time, the annual awards were presented to the.. Read more

Gründung des “North-West Regional Innovation Center” im Automotive Cluster Bulgaria


The “Regional Innovation Center Northwest” at the Automotive Cluster Bulgaria was officially established in Sofia on 8 January 2020. The Regional Innovation Center is an association for supporting, encouraging, representing.. Read more

Проект BG161PO003-2.4.02-0091-C0001 „АКБ – катализатор на автомобилната индустрия в България“ е финансиран по Приоритетна ос 2, Операция 2.4.1: „Насърчаване на бизнес кооперирането и клъстерите“ на Оперативна програма „Развитие на конкурентоспособността на българската икономика” 2007-2013, съфинансирана от Европейския съюз чрез Европейски фонд за регионално развитие и от националния бюджет на Република България.