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Among the activities planned in the framework of the EACN initiative is the identification of success stories about industrial modernisation implemented by small and medium-sized enterprises -the idea is to encourage other SMEs to follow these examples and advance in the process towards factory 4.0. For this purpose, EACN partners are launching a call with the aim of identifying companies with successful 4.0 projects related to any of the following topics:

  • Virtualisation for planning processes (simulation and modelling)
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in production processes
  • Elasticity of production processes
  • Skills and competences

The successful projects will receive an award in the framework of the EACN high-level conference which will be organized online in December this year.

Requirements to participate:

Who can participate: any automotive SME (including car makers, component manufacturers, service or technology providers, research and technological centres, etc.), who have successfully implemented an industrial modernisation project related to any of the EACN areas of interest: virtualization, robotics and AI, elasticity or skills. For each one of these categories, only one project per company is allowed to be presented.

How to participate: Registration is completely free. Just fill in the registration form in English and fully describe your project. All the fields are mandatory and must be completed. The filled-in application must be sent to the following email:

Deadline for submission:  20 November 2020 11:59 p.m. CET

Evaluation Committee and assessment criteria:

The Evaluation Committee, made up of one representative from each EACN consortium member, will assess all the projects according to the following criteria:

Impact of the company/benefits achieved

  • Possible application in other companies
  • Level of development
  • Level of innovation
  • Complexity of the project

Through a scoring system, the Committee will be able to rank the different projects received. In the first stage, the three projects with the highest score in each category will be identified. In the second stage, the finalists will be evaluated again through a different scoring system where the Committee members will select the winner projects.

The awarded projects will be announced during the final event of the EACN Project, which will be held online in December this year.


There will be an Award for each one of the 4 categories mentioned before. The Award, which consists of a certificate, is a recognition of these best practices of industrial modernisation and of their value as reference models for other automotive SMEs. After the final conference, the EACN initiative will send this certificate to the awarded companies and will disseminate the winning projects in the EACN own communication channels, in order to give them visibility.

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